Jennie Savage

BA (Hons) MA Fine Art

Jennie is a public artist, teacher and communicator, and has been active across the UK for over twenty years. Her extensive experience of developing public art, both through community engagement projects and permanent sculptures, has given her significant insight into urban developments and how communities think.

Jennie’s skill set connects her broad understanding and academic interest in urban redevelopment and town planning with her own teaching practice and her extensive experience of working with communities, as an artist. She uses this skill set to good effect as part of the Feria Urbanism team.


As a leading tutor at the Chelsea College of Arts in London, Jennie listens to students talking about the development of their work. This process of “close listening” — looking at what they are making and hearing about their aspirations for their work — requires both an analysis of what is being said and a deep awareness of what is not being said. Jennie then has the ability to make the “imaginative connections” necessary to allow the student to see where their work is going. She brings this same process of close listening and translation to our projects here at Feria Urbanism.


As well as teaching in London, Jennie teaches at Arts University Bournemouth, where she has worked with Richard Eastham. Jennie has published several books on urban development, including “Nutopia: Envisioning Future Cities” (University of Plymouth Press).


+44 1202 548 676

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